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~ A Simple Meditative Practice ~



When we find ourselves yearning for spiritual growth, inner connection and positive change in our lives, it can be a great help to explore a practice of sitting in meditation.  Often times I ask my personal clients to allow the possibility of a benevolent Spirit, or a natural, positive force in the universe to come in to our awareness.  I find it especially uplifting when this time involves doing several things.  I share here with you my own  personal meditation practice, as an invitation to begin your own practical, applied spiritual journey.

First, I start with an open acknowledgement, mostly just to connect with Spirit (kind of a "Hi God, I'm here" prayer).  Then I sit quietly for a few minutes, observing my outer, and then inner environment.  I become willing to see and hold whatever comes up inside, if anything.  I allow my focus to fall on the deepest and most important feelings or areas in my life that need my close attunement. Then I sit quietly, with an intention of inner receptivity.

Often at that point I'd write in my journal.  At first it's helpful to write about a page a day, just letting the pen go, letting come onto the page whatever happens to come up. It doesn't matter if it makes any sense or not. It's very important not to worry about spelling, sentence structure, content, etc. Instead, just keep writing and literally don't stop the pen until the page is full.  Eventually, when what is alive inside comes out more naturally on the page, I follow that. But at first, just write and don't look back. Close the page and move on. 

Then I would go back to silence for a few minutes again, checking in with my awareness. I tune in to and ask for any inner transformation that I might need, or just open to Spirit's presence.  When connecting with Spirit, I don't use pre-scripted prayers that perhaps one may have heard in church, unless they seem especially relevant to what is coming up in the moment emotionally. Instead, I just talk to God, or a universal Higher Power.  I tune in with the most tender parts of myself and talk from there.  I find it especially helpful for myself, as well as when working with clients, to allow the possibility that an intelligent presence is there, listening, patiently, as a friend -- just waiting for us to reach out and share.  Directly ask for help attending to any inner obstacles to your living the fully whole, present, and joyful being that is your birthright to embody in these precious moments of being alive (Anger, fear, depression, confusion, etc). Ask for help with external stressful or troubling situations in your life or just to be guided towards your highest growth at the time.  Remember things that evoke your sense of  gratitude, and  express that as well. 

Basically, I'd alternate between those three things for my time of sitting: Dialogue or tuning in to Spirit's presence, Silence, Writing, and over again.  With this practice, there is great potential to come very close to any benevolent Spirit and/or your own Higher Power. You will come very close to your Self.  It's important to keep writing, and let come out whatever will --any words, any and all emotions.  Get them out there, on the page, offering them into Spirit's care. Then let the words, let the pages, let all the stuff go.

When I was going through several particularly difficult life stages, I did this every day. It was essential (as in vitally important, as well as eliciting the essence of my unique and pure nature), and very soon became profoundly intimate. Ongoing meditation practice of "observing", "deep attuning", and "opening" lead me to realize an active process of moving through severe adversity to a place of both enthusiasm and grace.

To build momentum and to manifest the power of your intention, I highly suggest committing to this meditation at least for a month. I'd also recommend creating a special place in your home, possibly in your bedroom, where you sit for this practice.  Set up cushions or a chair where you can sit very comfortably.  Having a back support is fine, but don't lie down.  Make a spot, perhaps on a small table directly in front of you, to have a candle that you light each time before you begin as an invocation for both clarity and lightness. Also put anything else symbolic that is meaningful to you there: flowers, special pictures, a poem, an image of a deity, etc.  Make it your own.  This will be your Spiritual home, or "nest", that you will find to be a great comfort to you, especially after you've practiced here for a while. 

As you progress, many things will come to you, both expected and unexpected.  During this time, there's a good chance that your dreams will become more vivid.  You will likely find inspiring "coincidences" occurring in your every day life.  Paths through problems will become clear.  Profound intuition, and heightened sensitivities will emerge. You will begin to notice your advanced capacity to relate to others and the world around you. You will be Spoken to, in many different ways.  And with my warm wishes sent to you here, may you fully enjoy the most wonderful Blessings.

   In Light,

~ Jaspen Amodeo

   Founder, Sierra Meditation Center  

Jaspen is available for personal consultations and group workshops. She can be reached at:  or leave a message at 530-265-5764.